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Currency converter exchange rates

The rates on the converter are the "interbank" rates. These are the true market rates - the rates at which banks deal with each other in amounts over £5million. Private individuals and small to medium size businesses cannot access these rates. The rates shown on the currency converter are indicative rates and are not reflective of a rate Virgin Money International Money Transfer can offer you.

The interbank rates are provided for indication purposes only. Although it is believed that these rates are correct, they are provided by an external source and Virgin Money International Transfer cannot guarantee their accuracy, nor will Virgin Money International Money Transfer be liable for any loss incurred as a result of you relying on these rates.

  • Only private individuals and small business (micro enterprises) have the right to take their case to the Financial Ombudsman Service.
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The estimated saving is based on data from four of the UK's largest high street banks provided on the 12/06/15. The saving is calculated on the difference between Virgin Money International Money Transfer’s margin for UK based clients and the average of the banks' margins based on transfers of 2,000GBP, 20,000GBP, 50,000GBP and 250,000GBP to EUR and USD.

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